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O nama
Pretvaramo ciljeve u strategiju. Vodimo kampanje pažljivo i precizno. Testiramo i optimiziramo svaki oglas, svaki dan. Donosimo vam rezultate i povrat investicije. S KG Medijom, uspjeh je tek klik daleko.

When you blend social network ads with display advertising and content we produce, so that all of these channels create traffic to your page, you’ve got yourself a sales funnel.

Wherever your customers are on the Internet, your communication sends them to your site.

Where a perfectly designed, thoroughly tested and very efficient landing page which asks them for e-mail address in exchange for a brochure or an e-book.

They agree to get e-mails from you.

We turn those e-mails into sales.

Test them.

Automate various scenarios; when they opened the e-mail, when they didn’t, when they’ve put an item in the shopping basket and forgot to finish the purchase in your shop.

All optimised for maximum efficiency.

You just lean back and keep track of the growing sales.

Do you need a boost on your online sales?
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