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Pretvaramo ciljeve u strategiju. Vodimo kampanje pažljivo i precizno. Testiramo i optimiziramo svaki oglas, svaki dan. Donosimo vam rezultate i povrat investicije. S KG Medijom, uspjeh je tek klik daleko.

Your website is the converging point for all your online activities – all of your ads on Google, Facebook and web pages should lead to your landing pages.

Your web is your sales brochure, a sales representative that never sleeps, a shop window on the busiest street in town.

If it does not do what it is supposed to, you’re burning money.

The best way to check how well your web performs is Google Analytics.

With one glance, you’ll find out where your visitors come from, based on which keywords and search strings, how long they stayed on certain pages, what interests them, where they go after and why they come back.

Google Analytics does 3 managers’ worth of work.

It does not speculate, but deals in numbers.

Numbers that tell you what, why and how to make your webpage better.

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