Targeted Media Planning

Media planning

Once you have defined your advertising message, it’s time for its distribution.
In order to ensure that your promotional message reaches as much of the target population as possible, you need a quality media plan.

We pick up top quality media for you

KG Media creates the media plan by picking up top quality media through which your message will reach the greatest number of target users in exchange of your available budget. Media planning nowadays is much more complicated than it used to be when your message would reach a great number of people by selecting only a few mass media. Promotions were usually used for branding while nowadays effects are expected from advertising itself.
In any case, we still believe that an adequate marketing mix is necessary for quality advertising. Knowing quality media channels both in the local and foreign market helps us in targeting the audience in order to communicate the promotional message to the target audience, taking into account the location, demographic structure and habits of the audience itself.

How do we do that?

Based on parameters obtained from our clients, we conduct market and potential media research in a particular market. When selecting media, it is important to select media that may be a quality advertising platform for your offer. TV, radio, printed media, outdoor advertising… Not sure which media you should choose? With our long time business experience and by using acquired know how, we can make a top quality selection of media for you and define the periods and duration of advertising in certain markets. We are familiar with media specifics in different markets from circulation and distribution all the way to the demographic structure of readers and the actual market situation. By combining this information with data on efficient advertisement sizes and the frequency of advertisement circulation, we create your media plan. We take into account data such as GRP, OTS and other important measuring parameters and finally you may see where, when and how often your advertisement will be displayed.
You can be sure that KG Media will negotiate the best price for your advertising with publishers.



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