Billboards and Advertising in Public Areas

Billboard and Advertising in Public Areas

The population’s mobility is constantly increasing and this is why a well-designed campaign of external advertising may help you communicate your message to the end user.
Billboard advertisements are a traditional “out-of-home” format. However, there has been a significant increase in digital “out-of-home” advertising (DOOH) in the last couple of years. KG Media offers all the possibilities of “out-of-home” advertising to its clients.

Our range of billboard campaigns
We use billboard campaigns when we want to achieve substantial territorial coverage during a period of at least 14 days. The availability of favourable LCD panels with installed media players has opened new possibilities of adding video and interactive messages. Such screens ensure the availability of additional relevant information to customers at the moment of their decision-making on product/service purchase.

In this new advertising segment, KG media offers the following:

City light – illuminated advertising surfaces are placed in the urban parts of cities, e.g., in streets, trading centres and public transport stops. As in the case of billboard campaigns, city light campaigns are installed for a period of at least 14 days.

“Wallspaces” in buildings are available in various different shapes and sizes. Such billboard formats are visible from great distances and have a huge impact in large metropolitan areas.

Mobile posters offer a great flexibility for advertisers. Such advertisements may target certain routes or events, or may be used to achieve the desired saturation of the market.

DOOH refers to dynamic media distribution all over a spatial network established in cafes, bars, restaurants, fitness clubs, faculties, public spaces, etc. A DOOH network usually consists of addressed screens, kiosks, info-desks…

Other options for “out-of-home” advertising
KG Media offers all other possibilities of “out-of-home” advertising as well.

Advertising on vehicles includes advertisements installed in means of transport: Buses, trucks, taxi vehicles and advertising in frequent locations such as taxi vehicles and bus stops. Advertising in airports belongs to this type of advertising as well.

Other types of classic “out-of-home” advertising includes:

  • The distribution of flyers in gatherings, outside trading centres…
  • Advertising in cinema halls before movie projections
  • Advertising in trading centres by distributing brochures or leaflets at info-desks etc.



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