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Pretvaramo ciljeve u strategiju. Vodimo kampanje pažljivo i precizno. Testiramo i optimiziramo svaki oglas, svaki dan. Donosimo vam rezultate i povrat investicije. S KG Medijom, uspjeh je tek klik daleko.

Blogging Premium

On top of our excellent blogging service, we now offer Blogging Premium. Add the SEO greatness to your already fantastic blog post.

KG Media Blogging

Our renowned blogging service gives you the possibility to have interesting content on your website. Daily, weekly or monthly, we always offer relevant quality content for your visitors. In all the languages of your website.

The PREMIUM in blogging

Now we offer extra professional optimization of your articles for search engines (Google anybody?). We analyze and implement all the necessary stuff for your article to be positioned in search organic results as high as possible.

Zatob Blog članak

Let your blog posts rank high in organic search results. Order KG Media’s Blogging Premium today!

Our primary concern is that blog posts (articles) you order from KG Media are fresh, modern and interesting for readers = visitors of your website.

Before we start writing your article, we will choose a keyword relevant to the article topic and used on the target markets as search query. That keyword will be inserted in your article just the right number of times: not too seldom, not too often.

We will structure your articles according to search engines’ algorithms preference. Your posts will have H1 and H2 tags. Even H3 when needed. Photos used in your articles will be tagged appropriately.

Just some of other important details we will care about are:

  • Meta title and meta description for each of your Blogging Premium posts;
  • Relevant internal and external links;
  • Optimized article slug…

Extra reporting awesomeness

Alongside the great reports you are accustomed to with our famous blogging service, with Blogging Premium we will throw in extra feedback on your article organic-position progress, as well as info on dynamics of visits to your article from search engines’ results pages.

Keyword graph


  • For blogs of approx. 300 words = 160,00 € + VAT per blog post (incl. copywriting of the blog)
  • For blogs of approx. 500 words = 220,00 € + VAT per blog post (incl. copywriting of the blog)
  • Translation of each blog to any language costs the same as the initial blog article.

Read this too

* If your blog content is uploaded on WordPress CMS, we offer to upload the entire blog content on your website hassle-free, at no extra charge.

* Should you be using another CMS* for your blog, we would deliver you the blog content with all the necessary instructions for maximizing the SEO effect of your blog post.

* If your blog does not run on WordPress, KG Media does not guarantee that all the features and benefits of our Blogging Premium service we deliver to you together with blog-content would be possible to be implemented within your CMS. In that case, KG Media stands at disposal for consulting services, based on a separate offer.

* Photo material for blog posts: photos can be delivered to us prior to publishing posts, or alternatively, we can purchase relevant photos for your blog posts from Shutterstock for 6 € + VAT per photo. For blog posts of approx. 300 words, we implement the cover photo and 2 photos for blog content. For blog posts of approx. 500 words, we implement the cover photo and 3 photos for blog content.