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Radio attracts the attention of listeners even when they are not concentrated on listening to the radio station program since radio is listened to everywhere and at any time: in the car on your way to work, while surfing the Internet, at your workplace, when doing housework, etc. The fact that radio has the lowest level of advertising avoidance is interesting, since while listening to radio, radio listeners are not used to changing the station as is the case when watching TV. A great number of radio stations broadcast their program on the Internet as well, by means of which they reach new local and foreign listeners.

How and why should you use radio advertising?

Here are several important steps that must be taken while planning radio advertising:

  1. Defining targeted group of listeners: It is important that you define where you will direct your promotional message. When choosing a target group, we use demographic structures such as age, gender, education, household income, etc.
  2. Selection of an adequate radio station: Once you have defined a target group of listeners, you should choose the best quality radio stations that will reach the target audience. Important parameters when selecting the radio station include the range (number of listeners who will hear your promotional message), frequency (how often the listeners will hear your promotional message) and the price per contact, based on which we evaluate the efficiency.
  3. Specialized radio shows: When selecting a radio station, the possibility of choosing additional content is also important. For example, certain radio stations offer specialized shows dealing with topics related to your service and instead of advertising by means of a regular radio commercial, you can choose to be advertised by means of a sponsored show or to be organized by means of a game of chance.
  4. The creation of a radio commercial: The price of a commercial will depend on the type of commercial you wish to have. You should definitely make sure the commercial is entertaining to listeners in order to attract their attention. Also, if you choose a campaign that will last for a longer period of time, it would be good to change the commercial after a certain period of time so it doesn’t become boring to your listeners and have the opposite effect to what you desire.

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