About us

O nama - KG Media

KG Media is an advertising agency with more than 20 years of experience whose activity is advertising in foreign and Croatian media. We cover all types of media: from printed publications, radio, television and external advertising through to Internet advertising. We target the audience, select the media strategy and make media assessments, develop media plans, negotiate with the media, rent advertising space, create advertisements, measure advertising results, check published advertisements, invoice conducted advertising with the submission of bills of quantity, pre-financing and all other accompanying services.

Implementing your ideas and objectives

KG Media is not a general representative of individual media. Our business activities are based exclusively on your preferences, parameters and objectives. KG Media develops online media plans and offline media plans in accordance with your parameters, simultaneously taking into account the strategy of the Croatian Tourist Community and local, and/or county tourist communities. KG Media also negotiates with European publishers with the aim of reaching an agreement and finding out where and when reports on Croatia will be published. This way of doing business and research taking into account the current state, the difference between media and markets in order to create a perfect media mix requires expertise, a professional approach and lots of invested time and knowledge.

The costs of KG Media are usually covered by the agency commission we collect from media. KG Media negotiates the best terms and prices for you even after we have agreed and accepted the media plan. This is extremely important since it is only possible to implement further negotiations with publishers related to quantity discount or free of charge additional announcements after this has been agreed under several media plans. If your media plan is part of the system of Joint Advertising with the Croatian tourist community, KG Media takes care of the whole process – from issuing invoices to the collection of payments from all your partners in the Joint Advertising system.

Our Offices

KG Media in Čakovec is specialized in online advertising, while the office in Obertrum am See is in charge of offline advertising. The team based in Poreč is in charge of sales and client relations.
Therefore we can conclude that KG Media is a comprehensive advertising and consulting agency and as such an ideal partner for you!



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