Whether you are buying a network cable, national broadcast, or local television, the team of KG Media plans, negotiates and executes a TV media buy effectively and efficiently. Armed with experience and media savvy, our media buyers can navigate swiftly through the complex world of TV to help you reach your target audience using the ideal media mix.

On average, the general population spends over four and a half hours a day in front of the tube, making TV watching one of the most common modern leisure activities. Is it then any wonder that television advertising is also the most powerful form of advertising? Advertising on television allows you to present your business, product, or service to a wide audience. In advertising, it often takes multiple touch points to effectively influence consumers' purchasing behaviour. Some of the advantages to advertising your business on television include the following:

  • TV reaches a much larger audience than local newspapers and radio stations, and it does so during a short period of time;
  • It reaches viewers when their attention is at its peak;
  • It allows you to convey your message with sight, sound, and motion, which can give your business, product, or service instant credibility;
  •  It gives you an opportunity to be creative and attach a personality to your business, which can be particularly effective for businesses that rely on repeated customers.

Getting started is easy: Contact us. We will give you all the necessary information and prepare a high quality informative offer for you in the shortest possible time.

Autor: Igor Matoša
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Igor je diplomirao na Fakultetu Informatike i organizacije u Varaždinu. U KG Mediji zadužen je za Sustav mjerenja konverzija, Google Analytics, web i mobilne aplikacije.


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